Pricing Your Home Right

When pricing your home for sale, together we look over all the comparables in your direct neighborhood that are active, pending or sold status to get a good idea of where your home should sell.

Along with price, location and condition are also major factors. You can’t change the location, but you can change the condition and price. If you have a home that might not be in the ideal location, chances are you knew this when you purchased it and probably got it at a lower price to compensate for the location. This is something you need to remember when selling.

Even though the comparables might support a certain list price doesn’t mean that the buyer’s will. This is when we work together to not only make sure the condition of the home is good, but to find that “right price” that will make the home so attractive that a buyer will now overlook the it location or condition.

As your agent, I never want to leave money on the table and strive to get you the highest sales price the market can bear. Pricing your home competitively is a great start, but knowthat buyer’s ultimately let us know what they think the home is worth when there are no offers or repeated low offers..even though the comparables support your listing price.

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  1. Lai says:

    I don’t normally comment but I gotta tell appreciate it for the post on this perfect one :D .

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